Help / FAQ

Are you still using paper and pen with clipboards or dealing with a giant dry erase whiteboard for your round robins?


Well you can finally leave those back in the early 2000’s and have ALL your games in the palm of your hands with one easy to use, convenient, and of course fun to use app!


It’s time to save some trees. Let’s stop printing game sheets, using up all the color in our printers and go digital with an app for everyone to enjoy!

PaddleTapp is something that transpired from playing a game that we all have fallen in love with.


It has become an addiction that is sometimes hard to manage with all the new players that want in on your games!


We wanted to provide something for the casual players that don’t always have time to enter competitive tournaments. We even provide a simplified scoring option to keep track of your personal stats and make sure you’re always improving your game. Who doesn't want to see stats, am I right?


Are you sick of taking the time to organize games, players drop out last minute for whatever reason, and now your carefully planned sessions are hooped? No worries, you can create impromptu sessions in literally seconds for the players that actually show up! 


Give PaddleTapp a try and let us know if you have any feedback. We are very responsive and need your ideas to help make us even better.


This app is for our growing community so we’re looking forward to hearing from you all!

Subscribe! Help us help you and others within the PaddleTapp community!


Tell your friends, your children and your pets about us! 


Leave us comments, suggestions, or contact us to provide feedback. 


Please drop us a line at we'd love to hear from you!

Our app is totally free to use! The only catch is you will see some ads when you sign in to use the app and website.


You will still be able to use the app and website with basic functionality.


If you decide to subscribe through the App store or in the app itself (More > Upgrade PaddleTapp), you will get that cleaner look, extra functionality as the updates come out, and be ad-free!


Currently, you need to have a wifi or cellular connection in order to sign in and use the app. If you are mid session and your connection drops, you will experience technical difficulties saving the sessions.


We are actively working to provide users with a seamless experience and are looking to implement an offline mode in the near future.

Only $14.99 CAD annually or $1.29 CAD monthly available via in-app purchase in Google Play and Apple App Store depending on your device.



To see the schedule on your mobile device or our website, you’ll need an account on PaddleTapp.

PaddleTapp utilizes an algorithm for the number of courts selected and number of participants.


For each full round, we have adjusted for playing each player at least once and playing on different sides of the court as close as possible to an equal amount of times.

Due to game durations on courts, there are times when you just won't get to a specific matchup. You can just skip games and proceed to the desired matchups as you please! This is also why we implemented the randomize button feature during the session setup process.


The matchups will never be perfect, so we like to think that "60% of the time, it works every time..." 😊

This allows you to “mix it up” when it comes to who is playing who and at what time you would play with or against someone.


If you add players names in the same order every time you set up a session, you will always get the same matchups in the same order. 


Randomizing will assist in allowing for more variance for an overall better experience for all participants.

No crazy algorithms here, just play the games and enter the scores if you choose to!


Games Played (GP) - The total number of games that you have played and tracked in the app


Win Loss Percentage (W/L %) - Total number of wins divided by the total number of scored games played


+/- (Point Differential) - Total number of game points earned minus the total number of game points against


Wins Total (W) - Total number of wins


Losses Total (L) - Total number of losses


TOTAL - Total number of points gained during a session



Once you complete a session, a “Final Results” page will be visible on your mobile device and website.


You will also be able to view historic results and scores of previous sessions in the “Session History” area of the app for your entire PaddleTapp career.


Only YOU and your friends that participated in the game will be able to see your results.

Public locations are exactly that, they are pickleball facilities, dedicated outdoor courts, and spaces that are open to the public that people frequently use.


We’re trying our best to update our list daily, and with your help we can review the list of public locations that are flagged in the app.


Private locations are user defined courts or locations that aren’t routinely accessed by the public such as someone’s home court.


This can be your own property, so we never disclose private locations to the public.


Flagging public locations helps all PaddleTapp users locate courts easily and most importantly set up games quicker!

Absolutely not!


We do not share players specific addresses to other users, with the exception of their City and Province/State.


Each user’s public profile has basic demographics shared publicly: First Name, Last Name, City, Province/State, and PaddleTapp ID.

  1. Select Sessions on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Type in location, enter date and time of session. Select "Next" button.
  3. Enter the game mode, currently only “Round Robin - Doubles” is selectable. Enter the number of players and the number of courts. Select "Next" button.
  4. Add player names. Select "Next" button. Select the Randomize button to mix up the order if you choose to.
  5. Select court numbers/names.
  6. By default scorekeeping is disabled. If you enable scoring, you will be able to enter the scores for your games.
  7. If you choose to save this session to start at a later date, select the menu button on the top right, and select "Save Partial Session". If you want to start the session right away, Select the “START” button.
  8. The game schedule is created, please proceed to play the games and enter scores if enabled. Once the first round is complete, select the “PROCEED TO GAME #2” button at the bottom of the screen.
  9. At any point in the session, you can save and end, or exit the session without saving. 
  10. You will see a game results page at the end of the session with all the matchups and scores if enabled. 
  11. That’s it! Select the “CLOSE” button at the bottom of the screen and you’re done….for now.

  1. Select Players on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Type in the search bar for players.

  3. Select the Add button to add player to your list.

  4. If the player does not exist in the app, you can invite them via email. On the top right hand corner select the “+” icon.

  5. Type in the player's first name, last name and email address.

  6. Select the "Send New Player Request" button.

  1. Select Locations on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Type in the location in the search bar.

  3. If the location is a publicly shared location in our database, select the Add button. 

  4. If the public location does not exist yet, on the top right hand corner select the “+” icon.

  5. Toggle the button to Public, and type the name of the location in the Location Name field.

  6. If the location exists already as a Public location, then the information will populate the fields.

  7. Select the “ADD LOCATION” button to add it to your list and to send for approval to add into our database of locations.

1. On the Locations screen there will be a Public toggle button shown below:

2. Toggling this button will send a new public location request to our administrators that will go through an approval process to be added to the list for global searches. 


3. Select the “ADD LOCATION” button to add to your location list, which will show up as private temporarily until approval is complete.

You can test out the app once you have created your account. We have created demo user accounts for everyone to use!


Here is a list of the searchable demo players available to use for testing the app:


Demo One

Demo Two

Demo Three

Demo Four

Demo Five